Word’s can’t express how grateful I am to you for all the help, advice and support you have given me. I have enjoyed every session with you and it has helped me greatly to recover from alot of problems in life. To me you are someone special and whom I will remember as I have a shared a lot of personal things and thank you for all which you have done for me. I am lucky that I had you as my therapist. I will remember all the valuable teachings I have learned from you.


I found the strategies for coping with anxiety and depression very helpful. Thank you.


I was going through an extremely difficult time and the sessions helped me to talk about my feelings and various factors affecting my mood and wellbeing. Dr Choudhury-Peters has given me a “voice” again and also has been understanding and supportive to my situation and not being judgemental. The advice, techniques and exercises are helping with my anxiety, depression and un-compassionate moods and I feel that I can cope with stressful situations a lot better now. Even though sessions can be quite difficult in coming to terms with my emotions and situation, I always seem to feel felt more at ease and compassionate about myself at the end of each session.


My sessions were incredibly helpful from the CBT, the way in which I was listened to (and made to feel I was listened to) very carefully, the advice (which I wasn’t expecting) which was always considered and practical, the progression made over the months, the referral to another helpful professional, the expertise underlying the sessions to the empathetic way in which I was treated.


As a family we felt we had to write to wish you and thank you for all the help and care you have shown to D. In the past when we have had appointments for D’s problems, we have come away with the impression that D was only there to make the patient list full, and the help he was given was just the standard help given for any patient. When you met D, we were unsure what to expect, but it came a wonderful change that your thoughtfulness and dedication to tailor a programme to suit D’s needs has shown D that people do care, indeed he has told us he has listened and used your suggestions to help him cope in several occasions with problems he has had. We just wanted to let you know that you are making a difference.

J.P. (parent)

I really appreciate everything you have done for me and value what you have to say.


Thank you for your patience, I will never forget what you have taught me.


Psychotherapy has helped heal my mind. Dr Choudhury-Peters was non-judgemental and very understanding in helping me overcome my difficulties.


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